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Selected Funding Awards:

  • Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission Emergency Powers Award (Co-PI) (September 2020) (€24,500)

  • Trinity Covid-19 Response Fund Grant Award (Co-PI) (May 2020) (€20,000)

  • TRiSS Academic Research Fellowship Grant (2019-2020)

  • Society of Legal Scholars Events Fund Grant Award (June 2020)

  • Trinity College Dublin Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Events Fund Award (May 2020)

  • Society of Legal Scholars Research Activities Fund Grant Award (April 2020)

  • Trinity College Dublin Arts and Social Sciences Benefactions Fund Research Grant Award (January 2020)

  • Arthur Cox Teaching Fellowship (2013-2015) (€12,000 per annum)

  • Trinity College Dublin Postgraduate Research Studentship (2012-2015) (€10,000 per annum)

Funding Awards: What We Do
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