​Conferences Organised and Hosted: 

​Conference and Related Presentations: 

  • Donna Lyons, 'International Criminal Responsibility for Atrocity Crimes in Ukraine' Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference, King's College London (6-9 September 2022)  

  • Donna Lyons, 'Derogation from International Human Rights Treaties in Time of Emergency' Royal Irish Academy Conference on International Affairs in Times of Risk and Uncertainty (29 April 2021) 

  • Donna Lyons, 'Overcoming Opacity: A Systematic Analysis of United Nations Human Rights Treaty Body Source Documentation Across Three Thematic Areas' Trinity College Law School Lunchtime Seminar Series (3 March 2021)

  • Donna Lyons, ‘International Human Rights Law in Theory and Practice’, Guest Lecture, M.Phil. in International Peace Studies, Trinity College Dublin (15 February 2021) 

  • Donna Lyons, ‘Rights Restrictions and Public Health Crises: International Human Rights Law and the Pandemic’ Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference (3 September 2020)

  • Donna Lyons, ‘International Human Rights in a Time of Crisis’ Human Rights and Democracy after Covid-19: Trinity Research in the Social Sciences Summer Seminar Series (2 June 2020)

  • Donna Lyons, 'A Scrape with the Law: Sourcing and Analysing the Concluding Observations of the International Human Rights Treaty Bodies' Trinity College Law School Lunchtime Seminar Series (12 February 2020) 

  • Donna Lyons, ‘European Human Rights Law: Historical Perspectives and Future Challenges’, Guest Lecture, Department of History, Trinity College Dublin (4 December 2019)

  • Donna Lyons, ‘Identity Construction and the Law: Recent International Human Rights Law Developments in the Context of Access to Information’ Irish Association of Law Teachers Annual Conference (24 November 2019)

  • Donna Lyons, ‘International Refugee Law and the Impact of International Criminal Court Jurisprudence’ Irish Association of Law Teachers Annual Conference (24 November 2018)

  • Donna Lyons, ‘The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child’ Maynooth University, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 70: A Review of Successes and Challenges (21 June, 2018)

  • Donna Lyons, ‘The Constitutionality of Extending the “Right to Identity” to Donor-Conceived Children in Ireland’ University of Limerick, The Constitution at 80 Conference: 80 Years of Constitutional Change (11 November, 2017)

  • Donna Lyons, ‘The Children and Family Relationships Act 2015 and Donor Conception: Applying Lessons Learned from International Law, Comparative Law and Social Sciences’ Griffith College Dublin Postgraduate and Early Career Law Conference, International and Comparative Law in the 21st Century: Lessons Learned (10 June, 2016)

  • Donna Lyons, ‘The Right of the Donor-Conceived Child to Access Information Relating to Genetic Origins’ Queen Mary University of London Postgraduate Legal Research Conference, Embracing New Approaches (3 June, 2016)

  • Donna Lyons, ‘The Right to Identity as it Pertains to the Donor-Conceived Child’ King’s College London International Graduate Legal Research Conference, The Transnational Legal Landscape: Challenges and Opportunities (4-5 April, 2016)

  • Donna Lyons, ‘Vindicating the Donor-Conceived Child’s Right to Identity in Irish Law’ Trinity College Dublin Law Student Colloquium (20 February, 2016)